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Six & Sons: Behind the scenes.

At The Cool Club we are always looking for the coolest stores, concepts and hotspots.

That is why we decided to interview the brains behind the concept stores in Amsterdam that are trending right now. We asked them to explain their concept to us and share their secrets.

This week we visited Six & Sons, an incredible store in Amsterdam, with a kick-ass owner!

Tell us something about the concept…

We are a store with a fine mix of men’s and women’s clothing on the top floor and interior and lifestyle products on the ground floor. Our products come from all over the world but the one thing they have in common is that they’re well made, often unique and very, very nice.


How is the neighbourhood? And how does your store fit?

The street is a pleasant busy shopping street that is village for Amsterdam concept stores. You’ll find a local butcher and florist here, as well as fine clothing stores and coffee shops. We are different from the rest but fit in well.

What was the motivation to start Six & Sons?

I had been working as a freelance Art Director for TV commercials for years. On my search for beautiful props to tell stories, I often ran into products that I couldn’t find anywhere else. After a visit to Merci in Paris, the idea to open a store with only fine items and a quality customer experience was born. It’s something I personally missed in Amsterdam. In so many stores the products are nice, but the service was terrible. I really wanted to offer an alternative.

Best thing about having Six & Sons?

I love the constant search for new products, brands and designers and the interaction we have with our customers.

What distinguishes your concept from other concept stores in Amsterdam?

Is boasting allowed? Our store distinguishes itself in its assortment and its service. We often hear that our selection of products is more masculine than in many other stores, perhaps due to the lack of pineapples and palm trees. We like to keep things elegant through simplicity.

How would you describe the range in Six & Sons?

The clothing collections for men and women are hanging upstairs. We carry a mix of French, Scandinavian and Dutch brands. In addition to interior accessories, we also sell sunglasses and bags.

Do you think the concept is finished?

The basis is now pretty good. It is slowly starting to become time for the next steps. In the future we want to expand to multiple stores in the Netherlands and we will design more of our own products.