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Dutch interior design secrets to make your space effortlessly cool.

As any discerning Amsterdamer will tell you, the city is in love with good design.

Apparently Dutch interior design is evolving into a trade mark with it’s own quality seal, like Italian food or German cars. But you didn’t need us to tell you that.

Most of us have great taste when it comes to cool interiors, but decorating your own place can be trickier than making your own Stroopwafel. How do you know where to start?

That’s why we’ve collated a list of interior design secrets from Dutch sources, to help you style your space effortlessly. Whether your re-designing and redecorating your office, your home or the next cool coffee spot, these interior design insights are solid!

Go for quality

My Opa used to say ‘Always buy the best you can afford and it will pay you back over a lifetime.’

We live in such a throw-away society nowadays, we don’t always choose things that can serve us for years to come if there is a cheaper alternative. But, interior items are worth the investment. Not only are the better quality pieces more durable, they’re often more beautiful too, bringing harmony between form and function.

Include natural material

Bring the outdoors indoors. The key to a cosy home is to juxtapose items made from natural materials with their more contemporary cousins. Often this creates an eclectic mix of textures that brings richness and depth, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Pick one item that has bags of personality

Styling your own space is one of the most satisfying mediums for self-expression. Your space should be a reflection of you.

Personally we love artwork that oozes individuality. Whether it’s super-sized wall decorations or framed illustrations of your favourite things we love The Cool Clubs selection of prints and posters, because you simply won’t find them everywhere.

Play with light

Maximise natural light and brighten dark corners with statement lamps and striking overhead lights. Playing with lighting will alter the scale and perspective of a room, while creating atmosphere without taking up too much space. Perfect.

Less is more

Go minimal but not too minimal. You space should look considered, not incomplete.

Select key peaces of furniture or artwork, and then leave enough space around them so they can speak.

Go green

The Japanese go forest bathing when they need to chill out, but even looking at a plant for a few moments can make us feel more restful.

So find a few choice spots to position some botanical buddies and breath in the zen.


Finally, have fun! Interior design is a process. Work on getting the basics right and rest you can work on over time.