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8x of the coolest art galleries in Amsterdam.



At this gallery, on the Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 5, Esther Koch and Hans Bos embraced their love for the unreal and have curated a curious collection. They choose artistic gems that only appeal to them personally.

The works vary greatly from one another, but can generally be classified as slightly freaky, underground art. Many colourful, controversial works are sold through this gallery. Ideal for lovers of fantasy, with a crazy twist.




W139 can be found in the heart of the most famous area of Amsterdam, the Red Light District. This concept gallery takes up residence in an old theatre, which was squatted since 1979 and always had the intention of striving towards free and independent exploration of art.

The theatre, in the hands of the free-spirited Amsterdammers, is now
behind a number of professional, but self-organized artists’ groups.

W139 is a large, industrial looking space that is regularly transformed by national and international artists through location-specific artworks. At W139 taking risks is encouraged and the results are really special.

W139 can be found at Warmoesstraat 139.


Galerie Fons Welters

fons w

Galerie Fons Welters is a Mecca of contemporary Amsterdam art. The unique building at Bloemstraat 140-C not only offers a home to exhibitions of works by photographers, painters and sculptors, but is also used for performances and the display of special films.

Galerie Fons Welters not only focuses on well-known national and international artists, but also expressly offers the opportunity for up-and-coming talent to display their art in the so-called Playstation project area.


Upstream Gallery


For those looking for something special, Upstream Gallery on the Van Ostadestraat 294 and is the ‘place to be’. Upstream Gallery is, in addition to its collection of contemporary art, also known as the place where the more intense modern art is exhibited. Take, for example, the relatively grim works of Leon & Cocina from Chile, inspired by the display of images from nightmares.

Sculptures and structures are encouraged to go wild, so even the most controversial artists can completely lose their head here.




Mediamatic is the place to find a wide variety of concerts, conferences, workshops, films, exhibitions and other events throughout the year. This is all possible because of the enormous space Mediamatic has at its disposal.

Mediamatic was originally an old bank on Vijzelstraat 68, but moved to the Van Gendthallen, VOC quay number 10. One of the first shows Mediamatic did was the Arcade show, which tried to offer insight into the development of video games, starting with Pong and Pacman, up to the modern game console with motion sensors and VR technology.


Smart Project Space


Smart Project Space is worth a visit just for their story. This concept is located in an old pathological laboratory, which can be seen on the inside and outside of the building.

There is a catering section in Smart Project Space where you can enjoy a bite or a drink at a converted surgical table, while basking in the intimate light of a surgical lamp. This part of the concept is affectionately called Lab 111. In addition to art, Smart Project Space also shows a wide selection of international arthouse films.

Smart Project Space is located at Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, in the middle of Helmersbuurt.


5&33 Gallery


5&33 Gallery is a brush stroke apart from the average gallery. This concept is located in the art’otel, where art, cuisine and customer-friendliness come together. 5&33 is a restaurant, bar, gallery and library in one, where they try to merge food, drinks, people, art, music and design.

5&33 gallery offers free space to new artists, so this concept is ideal for both the established and the unknown artist. Live art is also made here during some exhibitions, making the public even more involved in the process of creating art.

It can be found on the Martelaarsgracht 5, near Central Station.


Okker Art Gallery

Image result for Joel Moens De Hase

For those who are looking for a collection of photography that you can truly enjoy endlessly, Okker Art Gallery on the Vijzelstraat is perfect. Even people who care little about art get excited here because of the striking contemporary works. For example, the works by Friso Boven, with a collection of photographs of scenes from Amsterdam, tactfully shot by the wheel of a bicycle, or the sensual photo mosaics by Joel Moens De Hase quickly attracted attention. Ideal for those looking for a high-profile piece of art on the wall.