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7x of the coolest animal parks in the Netherlands.

At The Cool Club we love our fury and aquatic friends.  From time to time we like to visit those who inspired our Animal deck. 
Here are our top animal park picks in the Netherlands. 

Dolfinarium Harderwijk


Want to get up close and cosy with a sting ray, shark or dolphin? Then go to Dolfinarium Harderwijk. In this beautiful park you can admire dolphins, walruses, seals and more, watch them being fed or see a show.

Its a Dutch establishment that has existed since 1955 and is one of the largest marine mammal parks in Europe.


GaiaZOO Kerkrade


For those who want to see something special, GaiaZoo Kerkrade is the perfect zoo.

The animals stay in large lodgings that have been adapted to mimic their natural environment as much as possible. So its no surprise that this park won the prize for the most beautiful zoo in 2017!

Gaia Zoo has many cool exotic animals, such as rhinos and cheetahs. Here, you can stroll across the African Savannah and walk through a tropical rainforest 5 minutes later. The park has been open to the public since 2005, and now houses more than 100 different types of animals.


Royal Burgers’ Zoo


This beautiful park near Arnhem is divided into 5 parts; Safari, Desert, Bush, Ocean and Mangrove, each of which offer a totally unique experience.

The zoo is currently creating awareness around the rapid disappearance of the mangrove forests.
They have built an indoor mangrove forest of more than 3000 m2 in Burgers’ Zoo. The hall is an energy-efficient, Belize-inspired forest that is fully adjusted to the natural wishes of the residents. Burgers also supports such a nature reserve in Belize, which contains a large piece of mangrove forest.

A trip here won’t disappoint.


Safaripark Beekse Bergen


This unique park really reminds of a safari through the African bush. The animals are not in a cage or behind a wire fence. Instead you are allowed to drive your own car through the park and see the animals close up, in their natural habitat. You can even choose to join a bus tour or go on foot, with a guid. Before you know it you’re face to face with a zebra or a giraffe!

Dangerous animals are kept securely, so there’s no risk of you being nibbled, attacked or eaten.

Thanks to the unique central location, this park is still easy to reach from Rotterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen you are there within an hour. And that is of course nothing, for a visit to the largest wildlife zoo in the Benelux, with more than 1250 animals from 150 different animal species!

Apenheul Apeldoorn

apenheul meisje

In the middle of the Veluwe is the Apenheul, a beautiful animal park with about 300 monkey from
38 different species. In the park macaws, Darwin, Rheas, and sloths can also be seen everywhere.

The word heul stands for a safe place, and it goes without saying that the Apenheul want to offer a safe place for monkeys.

In the park, 18 different species of monkey walk around among the visitors, varying from the relatively small dwarf monkeys and golden-headed monkeys, to the Hanuman langurs, which are comparable in size to a medium sized dog!

Thankfully, the more dangerous monkeys such as gorillas and orangutans live on a large private islands.

Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen


Xing Ya and Wu Wen, the two giant pandas are the real stars of this park. To get the giant pandas to the Netherlands, the park had to build a special enclosure that complied with all kinds of rules, and the result is even better than hoped for. In Pandasia, the pair have their own residence.

The park has a wide selection of special animals from all animal species.

The park, which once started as a chicken farm, added other interesting animal species such as raccoons, peacocks and pheasants.

When during the big depression the chicken farm went bankrupt, however, but people kept coming for the other animals and the owner decided to turn it into a proper zoo.


Artis Amsterdam

artis ingang

In the heart of Amsterdam is, Artis, the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. Artis is short for Natura Artis Magistra, which is Latin for ‘nature is the teacher of art’.

Apart from the fact that Artis is old, it is modern and thrilling zoo with plenty to see and do.

In addition to a planetarium, Artis has just opened a new museum, called ARTIS-Micropia, which, based on the most up-to-date science, explains what happens in the world that we can not see with the naked eye.